Home Safety Guidelines for Oxygen

  1. Do not go near open flames. Keep oxygen and equipment at least 10 feet away from open flames or extreme heat.
  2. Do not use oil or petroleum-based products while using oxygen. If your child’s nose is getting dried out or irritated, use a water based lubricant.
  3. Do not store oxygen cylinders in the garage, bring them inside and lay them flat, or place them SECURELY upright.
  4. Place a non-smoking sign where it is visible in your home.
  5. Notify your utility providers and local fire department that you are using oxygen in your home. They can put you on a “top-priority list” in case you lose power.
  6. Make sure your smoke detectors are all working correctly and replace them with new batteries as soon as they start to get low.
  7. Have a quick escape plan in case of a house fire, so you immediately know what to do to prevent panic and confusion.When not in use, store your oxygen equipment in an area of your house that is far from any sources of heat.
  8. Keep a fire extinguisher in case of emergency.

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