Patient/Caregiver Rights and Responsibilities

Welcome to Medical Resources Inc., we are happy to serve your families respiratory needs. Healthcare is a shared responsibility. Engaging in discussion, asking questions, seeking information, and exploring alternatives improves communication and understanding of one’s health and treatment.
In order to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness, and standard of care, patient/caregiver responsibilities include:

  • Make all requests for emergencies to your local emergency services.
  • Maintain proper grounded electrical outlets and avoid use of extension cord.
  • Only allow individuals who are trained on the equipment to care for the patient.
  • Make sure all emergency, provider, and physician numbers are readily available for all caregivers.
  • Have emergency plans in place in case of power outage, natural disaster, or other emergency scenario. Medical Resources is not an emergency service.
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment for the patient and equipment including up to date insect/roach/pest control.
  • Agree the equipment will be used with care, not altered, modified, damaged, and returned to Medical Resources in good condition. (normal wear and tear accepted)
  • Agree to promptly report to Medical Resources any malfunctions or defects in equipment so that repair/replacement may be arranged in a timely manner.
  • Keep the equipment in your possession and at the address to which it was delivered unless otherwise authorized.
  • Agree to use the equipment for the purposes indicated and in compliance with physician’s orders.
  • Notify Medical Resources with any changes in address, phone numbers, or insurance.
  • Agree to take on the financial responsibility for any equipment damaged, destroyed, or lost due to misuse, abuse, or neglect. This will not be covered by insurance.
  • Evaluate your supply needs every 30 days, ensuring no supplies run low. Keep in mind same day shipment for supplies is not always possible. Plan accordingly. 
  • Please check your supplies the day you receive them and inform MDR of any missing or incorrect items within 24 hours so it can be corrected.
  • Make sure you keep up to date with all physician appointments, including annual WELL CHILD checkup for all Medicaid patients.
  • Fill out and return all paperwork in a timely manner so there are no interruptions in your child’s care.  

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