Respiratory Fun Facts

1. A person usually breathes an average of 13 pints of air every minute. That’s a lot of air exchange in one day.

2. Lungs aren’t the same size. To make room for the heart, the right lung is larger than the left lung.

3. Lungs float on water. No matter how hard we exhale, our lungs will always retain 1 liter of air in the airways. This makes the lungs the only human organs that can float on water.

4. Lungs and tennis courts can be the same size. It seems pretty impossible, but if the lungs were opened flat they would be so big that they would cover the size of a tennis court!

5. Oxygen only plays a small part in breathing. The air we breathe contains 21 percent oxygen, but our bodies only use 5 percent — the rest is exhaled.

6. Children and women breathe faster. Children and women have a higher breathing rate than men. Normal respiratory rate is between 12-20.

7. Humans exhale up to 17.5 ml of water per hour. Every day, we lose about 12 oz of water through respiration. While exhaling carbon dioxide, we exhale water as well. You can lose about four times the amount with exercises. So basically, you lose weight as you breathe.

8. You can live with one lung. It limits your physical ability, but it will not stop you from leading a normal life. In fact, many people in the world are living with just one lung.

9. 200 different viruses can cause the common cold. Though “rhinovirus” plays a vital role in developing the common cold, actually we can get common cold and flu from 200 different types of viruses that include “human coronavirus & the respiratory syncytial virus”.

10. The faster you breathe the hungrier you will get. Hyperventilation triggers the production of acid (responsible for digestion) in our body. As it leads to quick digestion, you will feel hungrier than usual.

11. Children who breathe directly from their mouth are likely to develop a lisp while talking.

12. The human nose has four stages of the filtration. The hairs inside the nose help filter unwanted things from entering the lungs. When we breathe through the mouth, the air directly gets into stage 4 by surpassing all 3 stages. It results in tonsillitis, ear infections, respiratory tract infections and sore throat.

13. Without mucus, your lungs would dry up. You may not be a big fan of mucus when it’s clogging your chest or nose during a cold, but it’s highly underrated. Your mucus is such an important protective agent that you’d die without it. If you didn’t have mucus in your lungs, you would dehydrate, losing so much water through evaporation that you would die within minutes.

14. Mucus is part of infection control. It’s actually cleaner than blood. If you take bacteria and expose it to mucus, the mucus will stop the growth of the bacteria. Whereas blood will actually support the growth of the bacteria.

15. Coughing isn’t always bad for your lungs. Even when you aren’t sick, a normal person coughs about 10 times per day, Whether due to a sticky piece of food, an allergen you accidentally inhale, or your own mucus generated by exercise.

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