Sick Season Prep

Being the parent of a medically complex child, you tend to quickly turn into a germaphobe. You probably own double digits of hand sanitizers, lysol sprays, and have mastered the art of giving the evil eye to anyone who doesn’t cover their cough or sneeze. As you should!

Once sick season hits, everyday germ watch turns up to 11. You don’t leave the house, and only necessary visitors are allowed in. That doesn’t make for a fun fall and winter. Parents of medically complex kids are some of the most creative and resourceful people I know and here’s an example.

One of our amazing trach/vent moms came up with a fantastic germ protection idea to still allow for a few healthy visitors. Let me introduce you to Savannah Black’s sanitzer station, complete with snacks for delivery drivers, hand sanitizer, spray, gloves, masks, shoe covers, gowns, and decor. She’s as extra as her son.

This helps those of us who need to visit for care and treatment not worry about preventing any unintentional spread of germs. It also gives family and friends a chance to visit during lock down without the stress of germs. The way she placed it on the front porch lets you know to sanitize before you even go through the threshold, preventing anything from your shoes hitchhiking inside.

Like I said, you guys are insanely creative and pretty genius! What are some of your sick season tricks and routines?

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