Special Education: A Right Not A Favor

Local public school systems are responsible for providing special education to eligible children from ages 3 to 21. The following is a link to the booklet that was put out by Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program. ALL children have a RIGHT to an education. https://adap.ua.edu/uploads/5/7/8/9/57892141/rnfcomplete_book.pdf

Traveling/Vacationing With Medical Equipment

Vacation time is usually a time of preparation, packing, planning, and “what-iffing”. You have to be sure that you have everything packed that you may need to wear or use. You have to be certain that your travel route is planned and coordinated. You make sure that your schedule is set, so that you know … Continue reading Traveling/Vacationing With Medical Equipment

Corey Bishop Legacy Camp 2019 Highlights

https://videopress.com/v/E5gkZqCV?preloadContent=metadata vent-camp Each year, the ventilator patients and their families are able to attend a camp on Lake Martin. For a few days every year, they get to be as "normal" as possible. Children's Harbor, an amazing vent momma Kara Snead (Corey's mom), and many many volunteers make this magical event possible. The kiddos get … Continue reading Corey Bishop Legacy Camp 2019 Highlights