Parade of Costumes

One of the great things about Halloween is the opportunity to be able to dress up as anything you want to be. For one night you can be your favorite hero, or your own nightmare. It’s also a chance for our families to show off their creative talents, and let me tell you, these guys are beyond talented and ingenious!

Welcome to our showcase of costumes from some of our amazing patients and families!

First up we have JoJo aka Spider-man and his sweet brother Bryson as Thomas the Train! Their wonderful mom Ebony always goes the extra mile for these boys. Bryson is such a great little brother to his hero JoJo.


Next we have sweet Emmalyn as Wonder Woman! I know, I know, she’s adorable! She has as much as personality and tenacity as she has cuteness! Her mom, Athena makes sure she never misses out on anything!
Next we have Miss Kinley as Fancy Nancy! This girl is one of my personal hero’s as she overcomes her own anxieties and fears and works her tail off weaning off of her ventilator! She is unstoppable and her mom Kim will move mountains to care for Kinley. So proud of Fancy Nancy for breaking her own weaning records this week.


Here we have Miss Alex in not one, but TWO costumes! Her creative momma Katie helped her turn into a “burning bush” for their church gathering, and then she had her princess Halloween costume. Alex has a one of a kind personality, and as the picture shows, she’s one of the biggest flirts I know!

Now we have the Mitchell family. They go all out every year. This year Baker wanted to be in a Poke Ball. His wonderful parents definitely delivered! Baker also had a jack-o-lantern to match! He has the best personality and I look forward to the days I get to see him to see what sort of silly mood he is in that day!

Next we have Miss Lindsey Grace! Another one of our overachievers with TWO costumes! Because one costume would not be enough for her personality! We get a flashback to the 80’s with her first outfit, and then a Dalmatian costume as precious as she is! Her parents are pretty great too!!

Officer Gracie is making sure the city is safe! This girl is a real life Wonder Woman, so it makes sense she would dress up as an every day hero! She has accomplished so many amazing things in her 12 years. Her family is so wonderful and created an indoor trick-or-treat for her since the weather was FREEZING! I know I feel safer with Gracie on patrol!


This next family. Talk about EXTRA! Kamilah always makes sure these boys have the best experiences they can possibly have! She has had their costumes since October 1. My sweet Christian is a HUGE Puppy Dog Pals fan, so he and his wild man brother Ezra were Bingo and Rolly! That big grin says it all!

For our grand finale, we have the Driver’s! Makayla is the sassiest little thing with an attitude bigger than she is! She is a professional at keeping her mom Julie on her toes! Julie HAND MADE this over the top Ursula costume. This is another family that goes all out every year, and they are as amazing as they sound! I present to you the family of Disney Villain’s, Makayla as Ursula, her mom as Maleficent , and her dad as Dr. Facilier.


A big thanks to our families for letting us share these awesome costumes with everyone! They truly did such wonderful jobs! I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween! Leave some love for these guys about their costumes!

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