Christmas Gifts for Caregivers

It’s December, so that means it’s that time of year we are overloading Amazon’s system and ordering Christmas gifts for family and friends. The parent of a medically complex child can be difficult to shop for, but one of the most deserving people on any Christmas list. I’ve found that these every day hero’s really appreciate any gift that can make their life, or any part of their day easier.

Gift Cards

At some point, gift cards got labeled as a lazy gift choice, but they are really handy to have. You never know when you will be in a bind and need money you don’t have. Remembering that you have a gift card in your wallet takes that little bit of stress away.

Meal Delivery Service

Subscriptions to a meal delivery service that completely takes the hassle out of cooking can be a huge help for busy families. Most of these companies offer gift cards for meals or subscriptions. All the family has to do is heat the meal up in the oven.

Driver for the Day

For a lot of these families, trips to doctors and therapies happen often. Offer your time for an appointment day to drive, lend a hand, offer your company, and just snag an opportunity to hang out with your friend.

Respite Care

Giving the parents even a few hours to get away and be alone is priceless. It’s hard for them to leave their child in the care of someone else. Offering to pay a trained caregiver to stay with the child so the parents can have a nice dinner out would be a prized gift.

Coffee Subscription

I don’t really think this one needs much explaining. Most of these caregivers are 90% caffeine. Giving them a coffee subscription is just a more thoughtful way to give them money. Pounds of artificial energy delivered right to their doorstep.

Music or TV Streaming Service Subscription

Did I mention they spend a lot of time in waiting rooms and doctors offices? This one is really a two for one gift, because the kiddos get to enjoy the benefits of this one too. Making sure they are setup with Spotify, Hulu, or Netflix will make the long boring days much more bearable.

Cleaning Service

When you’re taking care of the amount of things these parents are in a day, cleaning is generally at the bottom of the list. I’m not as overwhelmed as most of them and I still give my laundry the stink eye for a day or two before I put it away. Again, just a gift to take something off of their plate.

Grocery Delivery

Anyone that has ever endured a trip to the grocery store with children knows what an attractive gift this is. And, they unload everything for you!

Family Pictures

Give a gift card to have family pictures done at their convenience. Something so treasured like family pictures is often overlooked, or put on the back burner because of the weight of everything else on their very full plate.

Gas Cards

Insurance doesn’t pay for the gas to get back and fourth from the doctor and countless other appointments. Our CEO gave our vent caregivers gas cards last year at the Vent Kids Christmas party and they were a HUGE hit. Every little bit helps.

Most importantly, just give them your time and if you want to include a gift, just think of a way to make their life easier.

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