PAP Devices

When you get setup with a CPAP or BiPAP device you will be given a travel bag, the pap device with humidifier, power cord, tubing, and a mask. The Dreamstation pap device is what we will be going over today. The Dreamstations are very user friendly, and have a quiet motor. The way the device delivers flow is also more adaptive to the patient.

You want to place the device on a firm, flat surface at a level lower than sleeping position, but not on the floor. A nightstand is perfect. Plug the power cord into the side of the machine and then into the wall outlet or power strip. Do not use an extension cord.

  • Let’s look at the parts of the device
    • Front panel – Once the machine has power the front screen will light up. The menus that are accessible on the front screen are mostly view screens, not leaving an option for any settings to be changed. The only settings available for modification are comfort settings. After 20-30 seconds of no activity, the screen will go black, but the LED over the therapy button will remain lit up. Your machine will already be set with the prescribed pressure which will display on the front panel once therapy is initiated.
  • Therapy button – The front panel can be on any menu and you can press the therapy button at any point you are ready to begin your therapy. When you are ready to remove the device, simply press the therapy button again to power the machine off.
  • Ramp button – This is next to the therapy button and has a triangle or ramp icon on it. This will already be set by your provider. This will begin the therapy pressure at the lowest pressure which is 4 and allow 30-40 minutes for the patient to fall asleep before blowing the full prescribed pressure.
  • Humidifier – This is the back part of the device. Once therapy is initiated, the screen will display an icon for the heat setting and one for the heated tubing setting if you have heated tubing. These settings go between 0-5. 2-3 typically being the most tolerable for most patients. The heater setting can be adjusted by the patient or caregiver at any point when the therapy is activated. If you have heated tubing, make sure the settings are the same as the heater so the temperature will be consistent and prevent condensation in the tubing.
  • Water Chamber – Slide the humidifier lid release latch towards the therapy button and lift up on the lid. This will give you access to the water chamber. Take the water chamber out of the machine to fill with water to prevent any water damage occurring to the unit. You will notice a maximum fill line, fill with distilled water to the line. The chamber will need to be refilled daily. The water chamber should be cleaned weekly. It is safe to put it in the top rack of the dishwasher, or clean in the sink with water and vinegar or mild soap. Replace every 6 months.
  • Filter – On the right side panel of the device, you can lift the panel lid and gain access to the blue filters. The darker blue larger filter needs to be cleaned weekly with water and replaced in the machine once it is dry. Replace once it becomes discolored. The light blue filter does not get cleaned and needs to be replaced monthly if in use.
  • SD card – The SD card is located next to the blue filter. DO NOT remove the SD card, and make sure it is reinserted in the machine after downloads at clinic. This records all of the sleep data the physician needs to see.
  • Tubing – The tubing connects to the outlet port on the top of the humidifier, and the other end connects to the prescribed mask. If you’re using the heated tubing, the end with the clips goes to the device.

Once you are ready to initiate therapy, attach your mask and make sure you have a proper mask seal by making sure you don’t feel air flowing between the mask and your skin. You should always feel air flow from the exhalation valve on the mask.

You’re now ready to use the device, and hopefully rest a little easier.

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