Oxygen Tank Refresh

Bringing a child home on oxygen can be a scary or stressful event, so we’ve created this little reminder page to help you remember anything you forgot between the hospital to home. First things first, gather everything you need. Tank, regulator, key, and tubing and/or cannula.

Attach the regulator to the top of the tank making sure the 2 prongs of the regulator line up with the matching holes on the tank stem. Once the prongs are in place, screw in the other side of the regulator taking care to keep it straight.

Attach the cannula or tubing to the stem of the regulator, use the key to open the tank so the oxygen can come out of the tank, and then turn the dial to the prescribed flow.

When you are finished using the tank, take the key and close the tank stopping the oxygen flow and turn the dial all the way up to 4 until the pressure stops releasing and the pressure gauge goes back to empty. Make sure you turn the flow dial back to the off position once the pressure is bled out of the regulator.

Return the tank to a safe storage position, and ensure proper oxygen flow and connections coming from the new oxygen source. Follow up with us for any further questions.

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