Overnight Oximetry

When the physician is trying to decide if your child is ready to stop using their oxygen, they may order an overnight oximetry study to see if there are any desaturations requiring oxygen during sleep. This study can be done on the monitor you currently use and the memory can be downloaded in our office … Continue reading Overnight Oximetry

Apnea Monitor Alarms

If your child has been prescribed an apnea monitor, there are several alarms that you may hear from the monitor. Let’s take a look at each one and what they mean. Apnea alarm. As the name implies, this alarm sounds when your child does not breath for 20 seconds or greater. If you hear this … Continue reading Apnea Monitor Alarms

Toxic Vape

Some of you looked at that title and got very confused. Vape is safe and just water vapor right? Vape companies marketing their products as a safer option than cigarettes recently got them in trouble with the FDA. A good analogy of cigarettes vs vape is to think of someone driving at 100 mph with … Continue reading Toxic Vape