Artificial Noses Are Awesome

Someone just read that title and said to their self, “What? I’ll keep my regular nose”. Artificial noses are for people who also have an artificial airway (trach tube). Our bodies normal way of giving the air we breathe heat and humidity, is through our nose and our mouth. This is also how our bodies … Continue reading Artificial Noses Are Awesome

Special Education: A Right Not A Favor

Local public school systems are responsible for providing special education to eligible children from ages 3 to 21. The following is a link to the booklet that was put out by Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program. ALL children have a RIGHT to an education.

Patient/Caregiver Rights and Responsibilities

Welcome to Medical Resources Inc., we are happy to serve your families respiratory needs. Healthcare is a shared responsibility. Engaging in discussion, asking questions, seeking information, and exploring alternatives improves communication and understanding of one’s health and treatment.In order to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness, and standard of care, patient/caregiver responsibilities include: Make all requests for … Continue reading Patient/Caregiver Rights and Responsibilities