Vent Heaters and Why They Beep

If you have one of these heaters, chances are, it has sang you the song of its people more than once, probably just as you close your eyes for sleep too. The good news, it's rarely actually the heater and more often than not the temperamental temp probe that causes the problem. Another good thing … Continue reading Vent Heaters and Why They Beep

Kind-hearted Kinley

In 2014, Kinley was a completely healthy and normal 5 year old. In September of that year, like kids do, she got a virus, enterovirus to be exact. It started with a headache, then she didn't want to eat. Not long after that she couldn't hold her head up, so off to Children's of Alabama … Continue reading Kind-hearted Kinley


There are many reasons you could be prescribed a home suction machine for your child, if you are, this article will help you understand how to use your machine, how to troubleshoot it, and what items you should have with it. Most of this information will be universal, but this all applies to Devilbiss suction … Continue reading Suctioning

Tenacious Tripp

It's been a while since we've done a patient spotlight, it's like we've been in the middle of a global pandemic or something. Today's spotlight about this little fighter is definitely worth the wait. On March 2,2019, Alyssa Hart was only 26 weeks along in her pregnancy when she went into labor and delivered her … Continue reading Tenacious Tripp