Common Trilogy Alarms

These are some of the most common alarms you will encounter with the Trilogy ventilator and some of the causes and solutions for those alarms. Because who doesn’t love a cheat sheet?

High Pressure – Could be caused by kinks in the circuit, blockage in the trach tube, increased or thicker mucus blocking the airway, bronchospasm, coughing or gagging.

Low Minute Ventilation – Check for mucus plug, excess secretions, coughing or gagging, leak. When this starts becoming a common alarm while sleeping, it’s possibly time for an upsized trach.

Check Circuit – This is a high priority alarm. It occurs when the device detects a problem with the patient circuit, such as pinched or detached tubing, water condensation in the proximal pressure lines, or problems with the active exhalation device. Usually, just changing the circuit will fix the problem.

Low Circuit Leak – Check the whisper swivel for blockage. May need to take out and clean. This is the attachment that allows exhalation. Could also be a dirty or blocked bacteria filter. (green filter on the side of the vent). This is a high priority alarm, this means something is preventing the patient from being able to fully exhale.

Circuit Disconnect – Check for a disconnect from the circuit or trach tube dislodgement. Circuit could also have a leak. May need suctioning, or the suction port could be open causing a leak. Depending on the child, they may be waving their circuit in the air, like they just don’t care!

Low Battery – Last battery available is low or nearly depleted. This alarm occurs in two stages. When approximately 20 minutes of battery run time remains, a medium priority alarm is generated, and the device continues to operate. If no action is taken and the battery continues to deplete, the alarm escalates to a high priority alarm when approximately 10 minutes of battery run time remains. Find a plug as soon as possible.

High Temperature – This can occur when the vent is in direct heat for prolonged periods of time, or in direct sunlight heating the vent. The unit continues to function, move the ventilator to a shaded and cool area and continue to monitor. Could also be caused by the internal fans malfunctioning. Call your DME if you see this alarm continue after relocating to a cooler location.

Replace Detachable Battery – The detachable battery is nearing the end of its useful life or a failure in the detachable battery that prevents it from charging or discharging has been detected

Card Error Info Message – This info message occurs when an unusable SD card is inserted into the ventilator, or the current card is full. The device continues to operate but data cannot be logged onto the SD card.

Start On Battery Info Message – This info message indicates that the ventilator has started on battery power and no AC power is available. The device operator should verify that this is what is wanted.

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